Monday, February 16, 2009

Boston University Wins 57th Beanpot

One week later, victory is just as sweet…

So it happened last Monday, but I thought a quick mention of the Beanpot was still worthwhile. As a graduating senior, I felt obliged to attend my last possible Beanpot championship without being “that creepy alum” on the outskirts of the student section—slightly too old, possibly too drunk, and definitely trying too hard to maintain a sense of youthful insouciance. (Also trying too hard to avoid words like “insouciant.”)

Caught up in the thrill of victory--and two goals within 30 seconds!--I lost all ability to capture the moment (expect nothing from the 3rd period). I did, however, capture the most crowded, sweltering T ride of my life. For 18 stops, I breathed in the re-ventilated breath of hundreds of cheering freshman and fist-pounding frat boys. Deep breath in… prolonged gag out. Worth it? Totally.

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For a better description of the game, check out this story from ESPN, or go to the Official Beanpot Site.

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